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Brazilian National Conference of AGU/PGU – ‘Compliance in the Public Sector’

I am glad to share with you that I have been witnessing a meaningful progress from some people and areas of our Brazilian public sector towards increasing Ethical practices in their sector, learning from the experience of the private sector’s best practices.

In this sense, some of the key public leaders involved in this trend were invited to speak at the 2015 Brazilian National Conference of AGU/PGU, including CGU, and I have been invited to be the sole representative of the private sector amongst the speakers, making the closing presentation of the event (title: “Challenges of Fighting Corruption in the Brazilian Corporate Practice”) and sharing my perspectives on how to implement foundational compliance practices in the organizations so that they can elevate their Ethical Conscience and Culture!

I am very happy to share a bit of my view on this topic, also presenting significant success cases, as well as to see such interest and positive feedback and repercussion of this great event!

Proud to be part of it!

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