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Legal Leadership: "How the top management evaluates and recognizes the legal services"

Last week, I had the opportunity to share my perspectives on how the corporate' senior management sees the legal function and services, both in-house and outside counsel, at GEJUR' Seminar on Legal Management Highlights, in Sao Paulo.

In such analysis, we have basically discussed three main progressive success factors: i. the basic legal function (foundational) elements/characteristics, ii. the extra-set of legal management (differentiator) and iii. the third way as mastering the authentic leadership that I called the "secret" to have your legal service appropriately recognized by the high management (real business partner)!

This was obviously just a quick overview of my perspective and experience as well as what we regularly discuss in my lectures at CEU/IICS Law School and ISE Business School, where we can deep dive into those aspects through cases studies and rather interactive activities.

It was a great opportunity to share these perspectives to such an experienced and qualified audience, with top legal managers both in-house and outside counsel. Thanks GEJUR/FDJUR for this kind invitation!

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