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What EVOLVERS is ?

EVOLVERS is a fruit of the visions and achievements of its founders, who have been working for 25 years in the areas of Legal, Compliance, Governance and General Management, leading multinational companies (operating in Brazil and Latin America), as well as serving as board advisors to various organizations.

EVOLVERS was created to deliver unique and customized solutions in Governance and Integrity to organizations operating in Brazil, since their realities, needs, structures and challenges are absolutely unique and require a tailor-made approach, with individual strategies and actions, with really experienced market leaders.

Who are we ?

We are specialists in creating, developing, implementing and executing Customized Solutions in Governance, Integrity, Conflict Resolution, Innovative Management and Education.

We apply the solid experience, knowledge and leadership of our members, combining the wisdom of their seasoned seniority to the creativity of an innovative generation!

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What do we believe ?

We believe that, in order to grow sustainably and become truly leaders in the market, our clients must not only follow the best practices in governance, but they need to innovate, to anticipate new trends and to create new paths in their strategic management of governance, integrity and conflict resolution, which will not only make them shine and prosper, but will ultimately influence the whole society for the better.

We help our clients to amplify their leadership transforming their functions and areas into effective supporting tools to execute their strategies, turning them more productive and efficient, more capable of dealing and managing their conflicts, and able to perceive real increases in results and governance, generating a culture of integrity and a sustainable business growth.

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What do we do ?

We create, develop, implement and execute 

Customized Solutions in :


  • INTEGRITY (including Compliance)




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Where have we contributed ?

We are privileged for having contributed to organizations which make all the difference in the market!


Check out some of them below:




Av. Orosimbo Maia, 360, 12# floor

Offices 1212 &1213 - CEP 13010-211

Cambuí - Campinas - SP

+55 (19) 3399-3264​​


Av. das Nacoes Unidas, 12.551

17. Andar - CEP 04578-000

Brooklin Novo - Sao Paulo - SP

+55 (11) 98892-3058

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