EVOLVERS was created to deliver unique and customized solutions in Governance and Integrity to organizations operating in Brazil, since their realities, needs, structures and challenges are absolutely unique and require a tailor-made approach, with individual strategies and actions, with really experienced market leaders.

Our exclusive and innovative attributes are due to the solid expertise of our founders and strategic partners, amongst which we highlight below:

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Camila Olivetti Regina

High Performance Productivity

and Mindful Organization

Daniel Burd

Claudia Vale

Customer Experience and

Customer Centric Culture

Thiago Salgado

Family Businesses

Growth & Development

Thomas Conti

Economic Analysis, Data Science

& Business Intelligence

Ivan Rigoletto

Environment, Health and Safety

Daniele Costantini

Design Thinking and

Human Centered Design

Criminal Compliance

and Leniency Agreements

Alexandre Wunderlich

Celino Bento de Souza

Intellectual Property,

Trademarks and Patents

Walmir Pires

Clients' Growth Strategies

and Business Development

Information Technology

and Telecommunication

Marco Aurélio Dioto

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