We create, develop, implement and execute customized solutions in 

Governance; Integrity; Conflict Resolution; Innovative Management; Education, Mentoring & Training.

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Check some of the most common needs of our clients, which we help them to address and resolve:

They can't grow more, for not having good governance (demanded by their clients, customes and the whole market)

They don't know how to structure well their governance and integrity, without spending a fortune and freezing the operations by spreading fear in their organizations

They don't have full knowledge or visibility on how some specific areas operate in their organization (including compliance), as well as their respective associated costs and hidden passives

They don't know how or have difficulties in preparing and implementing an adequate succession so their businesses may keep growing and prospering continuously

They don't have visibility or control of the economic impact related to activities and services (internal and external) of some of their corporate areas and functions

They need to address disputes and resolve interpersonal conflicts in their organizations or conduct sensitive negotiations with internal and/or external entities/organizations

They need a real seasoned and experienced advice and guidance in implementing (operationally, tactically and strategically) and managing their governance, integrity, compliance and alternative dispute resolutions processes

They need specialized advice in managing integrity, compliance and governance affairs before any stakeholder, including media, competitors, consumers, associations and other external entities

They wish to offer corporate trainings, education and professional development (individually or in group) in governance, integrity, management, innovation, alternative dispute resolution, conflict management and compliance

They need to perform a thorough assessment on the performance of the compliance function (and other corporate areas) regarding their users and internal clients

They wish to safetly and strategically outsource (partially or totally) the management of activities and corporate areas related to governance, integrity, compliance, legal and/or other functions and areas

They wish to step up in the market, implementing customized solutions in governance and integrity, innovating the best practices and positively influencing the Brazilian markets and society

They don't have structure, expertise, experience, budget, focus or time to manage with excellence some corporate services (internal or external)

They are not sure or do not trust some internal corporate services or the management of suppliers, outsourced people and other third party workforce

They wish to create, develop, manage or give visibility to their governance and integrity, including their compiance area

They wish to count on the highest level counseling in governance, integrity and compliance to their directors, presidents and board members

They need to resolve critical issues (mainly the high complex ones) related to governance, integrity, compliance and strategic management or to some specific corporate area or function

They need to develop and perform some sort of customized mentoring or coaching in governance, management, integrity and compliance to their leaders - managers, directos, CEOs and board members

They wish to INNOVATE in as aspect related to governance, integrity, compliance and management


Our security, privacy and protection of data, combined with all the cyber resilience

are operated and assured by our partnership with GOOGLE.


With this, besides providing a total protection to our data, 24h per day, 7 days per week, operating in the world's most safe and trustworthy cloud structure, we also provide quick response to threats, even with the operation under attack, minimizing damages and keeping the business continuity, we can also make sure our clients' data are not accessed by or shared with any public or governmental entity, including, when applicable, under our international legal Attorney-Client Privilege.

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